Les Frs Gérome 1892

I repaired This old Les Frs Gérome 1892. I  had worked a half year at TFOA, and this was my first repair. This old guitar had been the dried out and the shrinking of the wood made a large bump on the back. making it back partly loose. so as to solve it. I had to take the back off. 


After takin the back off, I glued the cracks in the top and the back. It is easier to fix when the back is no longer on the guitar.  After I glued the cracks , I made some wooden pyramids keep the cracks tight and to keep it from cracking again.


If you have a old guitar it is possible that the bridge plate under the top is worn out, or when there is no bridge plate,  the top itself can be worn out by the string tension. I made a new Maple bridge plate so the strings stay in tune better and make the guitar more stable.


After  I fixed thesse issues  I glued the back to the body and glued the binding to  the back.  You can see the end result here.

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