Headstock crack Gibson


I really liked repairing this headstock crack on this gibson guitar, because after glueing it was almost as good as it was before.


A few months ago a girl named Esmee come to the workshop in a mild state of panic and asked me if I could fix her guitar. She had to perform and when she opened her guitar case she saw the headstock was cracked. She didn't know what had happened and asked our mutual friend and my colleague Wessel Bults if this could even be repaired. Wessel told her to come the workshop here at TFOA and that we would take care of it for her....


The repair itself took some time because the humidity was going up and down and you can only spray paint under certain conditions so spraying the guitar was not something I could do everyday. If the humidity is below 40% or above 63% you might get white cloudiness in the finish and that is not something you want. It also might take anywhere between a couple a days and a couple of weeks for the paint to harden and that's why it might take some time to repair a cracked headstock or do other lacquer repairs.  In this case it worked out so well that if you didn't know  the headstock was cracked you wouldn't see it and I'm really proud of that...


(lacquer repairs are NEVER invisible!)

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    Christer Öhman (zaterdag, 12 mei 2018 20:26)

    A really great job. Full of admire for this mending/ repair. Just continiu work in that style.�