Cracks · 10. december 2017
I really liked repairing this headstock crack on this gibson guitar, because after glueing it was almost as good as it was before...
binding glueing · 23. november 2017
repair 'Les Frs Gérome 1892'...
Truss rod · 10. november 2017
The truss rod didn't work....
Neck-Reset · 10. november 2017
The new Taylors now have a coarse neck. So when the action is to high or to low, you can chance that simply with a neck-reset. ( PS: If the angle of the guitar is not good of course, when the angle good is you have to change the action with the saddle).
about Orla · 09. november 2017
I want on my website, Facebook and Instagram account. Vlogs and blogs at keep it in my trip to Canada. And my work in the workshop ''TFOA''. You can follow me through this Website, facebook and Instagram account.