Guitar Ludens

I went to school at the Vechtdal College in Hardenberg and I studied Technique Level 2 Basic class 4. And like I already said, my teacher Ewout Warringa has helped me build my first guitar. After the Christmas holidays we started building.


My dad told me, I have some good wood for you.  I think it’s  'American Walnut'. So I didn't have to buy wood. But Ewout did, because he wanted to  build also a guitar for himself (he can’t play but he wants to haha). So we went to Emmen and bought some wood for Ewout. He used Alder wood for the body, and quilted maple for the top. I had 6 boards of Walnut wood from my dad that I glued together. Then we made the templates for both the guitar models and milled them out. We did not make the neck because I was given one by TFOA. I knew I wanted to build a guitar but that was all I knew.. I found out I did not know enough about guitars to fabricate a neck. So the neck I got from work I what I used. My sister Lot, is a pinstriper and she painted the body for me. The back has a satin grey finish and the top is a high gloss finish. And after that she pinstriped it for me. The electronics were all supplied by Harry Fuhler, my mentor, and i soldered it myself. I know have two wilkinson humbuckers in my Flying V and they sound beautiful!.


Ewout built a Stratocaster because he loves that model. But I made a Flying V, because I don't like standard guitars. Well okay, a Flying V is pretty standard as well. But not  so much as a Les Paul, Stratocaster or a Telecaster. So that is why I made a Flying V. I always said I will build only electric guitars, because with electric guitars you can make your own models. . I'm a girl and I love different models. And with a electric guitar that is a lot easier and you'll soon end up with the hard rock guitars. But then....  haha. I came to work at TFOA. And everyone said ''that is what you think now, I will talk with you later''. And they were right. Right now I think I want to build acoustic guitars. Because in that 2 year that I’ve worked there, I had hundreds of guitars passing through my hands. And you learn to   listen to the sound of the guitar. I hear the difference between the guitars now. And that's so beautiful. So that is why I now think I’m  gonna build acoustic guitars.


Building our guitars was not something we did everyday, of course. I was in my final year, so it was in  the hours after school that I got to work on my guitar. And when I finished school I worked on my guitar during the vacations. But I loved it. I want to thank Ewout and Vechtdal College for making my dream come true.



The question most people had wass ''why did you choose Ludens for a name? '' so I told them:”the house in which i live is called ''Homo Ludens'',  which means ''the playing human'' so when you use only Ludens, then you have play (and In it dutch it is ''spelen'' so if you say guitar Ludens you have ''gitaar spelen'') or in English ''guitar play''. And that's why I choose Ludens. But everyone at work asks  “why don’t you just use your own name ''Orla''? It’s an uncommon name that people will remember. And every big mame like Martin, Gibson, Collings, Lowden, Taylor ect... Is the last name of the builders. But my last name is ''Strijker'' and I didn’t think that was a good name for it. So i listened to my colleagues, and the name of my guitars will now be Orla!