Arjan Lensen

Hello, let me introduce myself. I am Arjan Lensen, guitar builder from the Netherlands. I got my first guitar when I was 13 years old and I immediately started customizing it. I did the same with my first little solid state Fender amp. After that I probably owned and played every type of guitar and amp, at least once. I’ve gone through Les Paul fases and Strat fases and then some. For example as a playing guitarist, I learned what certain woodtypes do for your sound. The one having more punch, the other more warmth, etc. 


In the early days of internet, i read almost everything there was to read about gear, not for educational purposes, but for passion and joy. Even though it was not my intention, I realize now I gathered a very large database of information this way. I use this information when i design and built my guitars. 


Another source and inspiration of building guitars, is the lately retired Dick Dijkman. He let me take a peak behind the scenes in his workshop. I learned from him the importance of a well constructed guitar. 


After having built some guitars on my kitchen table, I decided it was time to open my own shop. Here is where I build my own models, and also do repairs and customizing, etc. 


I do not see myself as an artists, I built quality tools for artists and I’m very passionate about it. I am not trying to reinvent the guitar, but I try to use the knowledge i gained by playing al these different guitars to build a fine instrument. 


Orla visited my workshop the other day and i was amazed by the craftmanship this 17 year old girl has, working on complex reapairs and expensive guitars. Mark my words: Orla is going to make very fine instruments. Go Orla! 



Best Regards, 

Arjan Lensen